IV.  Explorations
CHANGING PLANES The knotted and tangled problems of today - environmental, political, social, moral, ethical, economic and so forth - have several points in common. With so many of them : (1) There is no solution on the current plane of today's life. (2) The only real solution lies on a higher plane to which we have no access of our own. (3) Changing planes can only be done by following a guide who knows the way and can lead us over the bridge. (4) Only someone who has descended from a higher plane to a lower one and returned to the higher can create such a bridge for us to cross. (5) Only Jesus has descended from the highest heaven to the very lowest depths of hell and returned to the highest heaven again. He calls to us all, "Follow Me". (6) Those who have themselves crossed such a bridge can in turn guide others across it. (7) Christians call the higher planes "The Kingdom of God". (8) Within the Kingdom of God - where Christ reigns increasingly - even the most intractable problems have solutions. (9) To stay on the current plane where our problems are insoluble ends in death. (10) Changing planes is seldom without cost or pain; but not one thing in life is more worth doing. Martin Mosse, March 1999.