IV.  Explorations
This section contains snapshots of Martin's thinking at various times, mostly serious, but not necessarily his settled opinions. Inclusive Language  (April 1997)   [PDF] Latin Notes  (August 1998)  [PDF] Changing Planes  (March 1999)   [PDF] Where All Problems Have Solutions  (Easter 2000)   [PDF] World War Two  (7 July 2001)   [PDF] The Great Minds Strike Back  (12 December 2001)   [PDF] The Four Last Things  (January 2002)   [PDF] Mosse of Copenhagen  (July 2015)   [PDF] Greatness  (17 December 2004)   [PDF] Philotechnology  (22 December 2004)   [PDF] Organise Yourself  (10 February 2005)   [PDF] Thinking about the Creation  (19 June 2005)   [PDF] Thinking about Life  (23 June 2005) [ PDF] Plato's Republic  (31 January 2007)   [PDF] E. F. Schumacher: A Guide for the Perplexed  (February 2008)   [PDF] Selected Reading  (Updated July 2009.)   [PDF] Monthly Accounting Package  (March 2009) (Microsoft Excel® required) (To download, right click the link and select "Save Target As ..") A Mathematical Conjuring Trick  (Theorem on Recurrence Sequences) (August 2011)   [PDF] Why Pray  (July 2013)   [PDF] Why Pi is an Impostor  (July 2013)   [PDF] Mosse of Copenhagen (July 2015)   [PDF]
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