VII.  Odds and Ends
Fundamentalists and Liberals I   have   found   a   way   of   telling   at   a   glance   whether   a   Christian   comes   from   the   fundamentalist   or   the liberal wing of the church. Fundamentalists   as   we   all   know   are   those   who   take   every   word   of   the   Bible   literally   and   insist   upon unswerving obedience to its every command. Liberals   are   those   who   prefer   to   think   more   deeply   about   the   meaning   of   the   text   and   to   decide   for themselves   how   to   interpret   it,   and   whether   or   not   it   has   any   application,   metaphorical   or   otherwise, for today. As ever in theology, the differences focus most clearly at the Cross. So Jesus taught, "If   anyone   would   come   after   me,   he   must   deny   himself   and   take   up   his   cross   daily   and follow me" (Luke 9:23), and "Anyone   who   does   not   pick   up   his   cross   and   follow   me   cannot   be   my   disciple"   (Luke 14:27). We   can   now   therefore   distinguish   the   two   groups   at   a   glance.   The   fundamentalists   are   those   whom you   can   see   wearing   a   cross   outwardly   on   their   persons   in   literal   obedience   to   these   commands. The   liberals   are   those   who   interpret   them   metaphorically   and   inwardly,   and   so   see   no   need   to   wear one. The   truth   of   this   may   be   verified   without   further   thought.   Did   you   ever   see   a   Church   of   England bishop   NOT   wearing   a   cross?   So   now   we   have   the   proof   of   what   we   have   all   long   suspected.   The Anglican episcopacy is fundamentalist to a man.   Footnote: From    orthodox    believers    of    both    fundamentalist    and    liberal    camps    are    to    be distinguished   the   members   of   a   modern   and   fast   growing   cult,   often   encountered   on our roads, who appear to believe that Jesus died upon a fish.   MBM, B/W 6.8.3, am.