VII.  Odds and Ends
Nostalgia I mourn for those times when art was beautiful poetry rhymed pop music still had notes (this used to read, "pop music still had tunes") religion was faith sex was love dancers touched each other policemen were like George Dixon politicians were statesmen governments did more than run the economy cars were British trains were powered by steam cyclists used lights after dark footballers did not kiss referees were allowed to stay on their feet the umpire's decision was final - even at Wimbledon cricketers wore white not helmets it mattered who won the test match rugby pitches were marked out in yards cider came in quarts and petrol in gallons bread was spread with butter apples were not plastic toys were made of wood the theatre included Shakespeare James Bond was an English gentleman played by Sean Connery children had to learn their twelve times table Latin was taught in schools Christmas was something to do with religion and started in December Sunday was a day for relaxation there were alternatives to television letters arrived the day after posting things could be repaired rather than having to be replaced car parks were free cheques did not need a guarantee card £1 was a lot of money. a £5 note was a contract which the Bank of England had to honour telephones were answered by PEOPLE history was not a matter for self-denigration.   Nostalgia is not what it used to be.   MBM, B/W 16.4.2000.  (I have since been told that I have just described the 1950s (excepting Sean Connery).