VI.  Quotations
Fractions St Aldhelm, later Bishop of Sherborne and founder of the original Sherborne School (705), in a letter of c.680 to Bishop Haeddi: "As   to   the   principles   of   arithmetic   what   shall   be   said?   when   the   despair   of   doing   sums oppressed   my   mind   so   that   all   the   previous   labour   spent   on   learning,   whose   most secret   chamber   I   thought   I   knew   already,   seemed   nothing,   and   to   use   Jerome's expression   I   who   before   thought   myself   a   past   master   began   again   to   be   a   pupil,   until the   difficulty   solved   itself,   and   at   last,   by   God's   grace,   I   grasped   after   incessant   study the most difficult of all things, what they call fractions." Quoted in A. F. Leach, Educational Charters and Documents 598-1909 (Cambridge University Press, 1911), p.11.