VI.  Quotations
Churchill On War Sir Winston Churchill, writing in 1930 on the Boer War: "Never,   never,   never   believe   any   war   will   be   smooth   and easy,   or   that   anyone   who   embarks   on   that   strange   voyage can   measure   the   tides   and   hurricanes   he   will   encounter.   The Statesman   who   yields   to   war   fever   must   realise   that   once   the signal   is   given,   he   is   no   longer   the   master   of   policy   but   the slave    of    unforeseeable    and    uncontrollable    events,...weak, incompetent   or   arrogant   Commanders,   untrustworthy   allies, hostile    neutrals,    malignant    Fortune,    ugly    surprises,    awful miscalculations - all take their seat at the Council Board." Quoted from Denis Judd and Keith Surridge, The Boer War (John Murray, 2002).