VI.  Quotations
Churchill The Prophet Winston Churchill, aged 16 (1890?), to a fellow Harrovian, Murland Evans. "I    can    see    vast    changes    coming    over    a    now    peaceful    world;    great upheavals,   terrible   struggles;   wars   such   as   one   cannot   imagine;   and   I   tell you   London   will   be   in   danger   -   London   will   be   attacked   and   I   shall   be   very prominent   in   the   defence   of   London....I   see   further   ahead   than   you   do.   I see    into    the    future.    The    country    will    be    subjected    somehow    to    a tremendous   invasion...but   I   tell   you   I   shall   be   in   command   of   the   defences of London and I shall save London and the Empire from disaster." Quoted in Niall Ferguson, Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World (London: Allen Lane, 2003), p.292. We shall fight them on the beaches Text reads: "Now I expect you're all wondering why I've gathered you here today!" Richard Holmes, In the Footsteps of Churchill (London: BBC Books, 2005), p.21. "   1911,   when   Home   Secretary,   had   circulated   a   memorandum (which    had    little    to    do    with    his    departmental    responsibilities,    but    was triggered   by   that   summer's   Agadir   crisis)   that   accurately   predicted   the German   army   would   march   into   France   through   Belgium   in   a   wide   flanking sweep    that    would    be    stopped    and    reversed    on    the    fortieth    day.   This proved   to   be   only   a   slight   overestimate:   Germany   declared   war   on   France on    3   August    1914,    and    the    battle    of    the    Marne    was    fought    on    6-10 September." The Rt. Hon. Winston S. Churchill, "Moses", from the collection of essays Thoughts and Adventures, first published November 1932; (London: Odhams, 1947 edition) pp.224-5: "Every   prophet   has   to   come   from   civilisation,   but   every   prophet   has   to   go into   the   wilderness.   He   must   have   a   strong   impression   of   a   complex society   and   all   that   it   has   to   give,   and   then   he   must   serve   periods   of isolation   and   meditation.   This   is   the   process   by   which   psychic   dynamite   is made."