VI.  Quotations
Hello Trouble Hello trouble, (you --) I've met with you before - So now you're here again, Bigger than ever, larger than life, Ready to cause more and more strife And break me if you can. My hands are tied behind my back My legs they are in chains, My health is not what it used to be I do have aches and pains, My responsibilities loom large And there are those who on me depend Whom I wouldn't see hurt for the world - So buzz off trouble. But if you're going to stay: My brow you may crease, my shoulders you may bow, My mind you may scar, my nerves you may break, Mark you I said MAY; But mark also if you stay I shall surely grow and grow, And my spirit, my soul, you cannot touch, For they belong to God and me - And no matter what you do or say They will always be free.   Ken Walsh. Used by kind permission.