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BRAINWAVES   is   a   one   man   think   tank   inaugurated   by   Martin   Mosse in 1998. Its   primary   aim   is   to   foster   the   progressively   disappearing   art   of Thinking,   and   to   promote   alternative   approaches   to   some   of   the issues    of    today,    in    fields    as    diverse    as    economics,    New Testament     history,     theology,     philosophy     and     mathematical education.  (On the significance of the logo click here .
MARTIN   MOSSE   was   born   in   the   1950’s   and   holds degrees    in    classics    (M.A., Oxon),    Mathematics (B.Sc.,   Open),   and   New   Testament   history   (Ph.D., Wales). Having    made    his    career    in    operational research,   his   first   book   –   his   revised   doctoral   thesis, The     Three     Gospels:     New     Testament     History Introduced   by   the   Synoptic   Problem    –   was   published by Paternoster in 2007.
His    recently    completed    mathematical    textbook,    e,    i    &    pi    ,    described    in    report    BW/003 ,    can    be downloaded   from Section III below. 
His other    interests    include    photography,    map    postcards,    family   history,   the   poetry   of   Robert   Browning,   gardening,   Freecycle   and knots.        He    is    married    to    Barbara,    who    is    a    retired    priest    and published   author   of   The   Treasures   of   Darkness   and   other   books.     Their   home   is   completed   by   Rufus,   a   sleek   black   Labrador   who joined them in July 2016. 
Martin    is    a    member    of    www.academia.edu     where    some    of    his papers are also to be found