Booklets and Leaflets

These texts have previously been issued by BRAINWAVES as booklets or leaflets. Their predominant shared message is of the vital importance of slowing down the pace of life. All of them may be downloaded free of charge.

  1. Creative Thinking: The Use of Brainwaves

    [Download PDF]

    The manifesto and dynamic of BRAINWAVES, describing practically how to organise and nourish our minds so as to make fullest use of the creativity of our unconscious.

  2. How to Defeat Nervous Breakdown

    [Download PDF]

    Suggests some simple measures for warding off nervous breakdown in the first place, and for recovering from it once it has struck. This has been welcomed in various quarters, including by various members of the medical profession.

  3. Alternative Christianity

    [Download PDF]

    Originally published in the Anglican Magazine Armlink, this consists of eight articles which centre on the practice of slowing down and waiting upon God.

  4. Footwashing - The Forgotten Sacrament?

    [Download PDF]

    Jesus gave us three sacramental commands: baptise; break bread; wash feet. We impoverish ourselves by ignoring the third.

    Previously published by Acorn News and The Reader.