The Logo

The BRAINWAVES logo has many different interpretations, all of which focus on the generation of life, healing and wholeness.In one of them God is calling from eternity, ‘Is anyone there?…Is anyone there?…Is anyone there?’ And for a long time, as often represented in the Old Testament, no one answers (Isaiah 41:28, 50:2, 65:12, 66:4; Ezekiel 22:30). Then one day, someone responds, ‘I’m here.’ ‘Great!,’ says God, ‘LET’S DANCE!!’.
So a new life is born, and they lead off together.
We can imagine something similar happening whenever new life is born, in the evocative picture of the Spirit brooding over the waters in the Genesis creation story, calling forth the pulse of life. 
Or it can be a picture of someone learning to pray:
talk. talk  talk. talk. talk. listen. listen. listen
Or, more generally, it depicts the inner healing of an individual who initially functions only in part, but whose disconnected parts come to life as they begin to operate as a well rounded human being.
So, someone learning the art of ‘joined-up’ thinking. And so forth.