Some of Martin’s favourite passages from other writers. Click on a quotation title to open the page within your browser, or on [PDF] to view / download a PDF copy).
St Aldhelm: Fractions[PDF]
Anon: Psalm 23[PDF]
Browning, Robert: A Grammarian’s Funeral [PDF]
de Caussade, Jean-Pierre: The Peace of Self-Abandonment[PDF]
Churchill, Sir Winston: On Moses[PDF]
Churchill, Sir Winston: The Prophet[PDF]
Churchill, Sir Winston: On War[PDF]
Fowler, Sir Ernest: Anticlimax[PDF]
Godley, A. D.: Motor Bus[PDF]
Hogg, Quentin: Gethsemane[PDF]
Lewis, C.S: Evolutionary Hymn[PDF]
Mosse, Barbara: Through the Wilderness[PDF]
Mosse, Rev Charles H., Mosse Family Notes [PDF]
Mosse, Capt Harry Tylden: Target Practice[PDF]
Murray, Andrew: Waiting on God [PDF]
Rauschenbush, Walter: In the Garden of my Soul[PDF]
Simeon, Revd Charles: Simeon and Wesley[PDF]
Thoreau, Henry David: A Hermit Discovers the Kingdom[PDF]
Tozer, A.W.: Men[PDF]
Tozer, A.W.: The Crucified Life[PDF]
Wallis, Peter: Q [PDF]
Walsh, Ken: Hello Trouble[PDF]